KLEO v4.0.2 WordPress Премиум тема от (7th Queen)

Чрезвычайно гибкая, полностью настраиваемая WordPress многоцелевая тема, чтобы соответствовать вашим высоким требованиям. Вам больше не нужно быть профессиональным разработчиком или дизайнером, чтобы создать удивительный сайт. Легко создавать потрясающие сообщества, презентации компании, мобильный сайт или сайт членства. Создайте сайт вашей мечты сейчас с трендовой темой 2016 года.

KLEO совместима с последними версиями WordPress 4.5, BuddyPress 2.5 и WooCommerce 2.5+


Тема совместима с такими плагинами как:


— WooCommerce

— Buddypress

— bbPress

— Facebook

— Gravity Forms

— Easy Digital Downloads

— Bootstrap 3.x

— Visual Composer 4.7.4


Обязательный набор плагинов для функционала темы, все эти плагины уже предустановлены и их можно установить из панели управления после установки и активации данной темы:

1. Go Pricing v3.2.1

2. K Elements v4.0.2

3. Revolution Slider v5.1.6

4. Visual Composer v4.10

Разработчики темы не гарантируют корректной работы если версия установленных у Вас обязательных плагинов ниже чем указано в списке.


Примеры использования тем:

kleo4-primer-2kleo4-primer-1 kleo4-primer-3


Лог обновлений темы от версии 3.0 до текущей 4.0.2

Version 4.0.2 — 04.03.2016
— NEW FEATURE: Added FB Button shortcode -> [kleo_fb_button] — Fixed Blog masonry image not filling the container on some cases
— Fixed kleo_register form shortcode missing input placeholders on safari/mozilla.
— Kleo Login element small padding fix.
— Buddypress Docs compatiblity for comments section
— Header Social icons fix on mobile when social icons are disabled or empty
— Social icons were displaying even when they were disabled in theme options.
— Fixed wide container width affected by the boxed version container width setting.
— Go Pricing Tables version 3.2.1 update
— K-elements version 4.0.2 update

Version 4.0.1 — 25.02.2016
— Fixed BuddyPress cover missing in rtmedia pages.
— Fixed parallax on vc_row that was not acting right when used with VC 4.10
— Fixed PHP 7 notice on sidebar_generator Class
— Fixed Safari flex for equal height columns
— Fixed topic replies styling in group forums.
— Fixed some isolated issues on mobile responsiveness

Version 4.0 — 24.02.2016
— NEW DEMO: KLEO COMPANY — http://seventhqueen.com/themes/kleo/company/
— NEW DEMO: KLEO FOOD — http://seventhqueen.com/themes/kleo/food/
— NEW DEMO: KLEO REGISTER Landing page — http://seventhqueen.com/themes/kleo/home-register/

— NEW FEATURE: SideKick interactive WordPress tutorials integrations. You get a FREE premium SIDEKICK annual license (a $60 value) and 10 Kleo specific tutorials plus other 200 WordPress Basics Walkthroughs.
— NEW FEATURE: Easier than ever to import demo pages. Added intuitive interface and Revslider import integration
— NEW FEATURE: Homepage redirect ( option to redirect logged in users away from the homepage to your profile or other page )
— NEW FEATURE: Login & Lost Password shortcodes.
— NEW FEATURE: Register form shortcode with soft post to WP or BuddyPress registration endpoint ( without builtin validation or processing, but if the posted data is valid the forms will be submitted ).
— NEW FEATURE: Option to show post tags under the content for single article page.
— NEW FEATURE: Allow site layout overriding(full/boxed) at page/post level
— NEW FEATURE: Added 5 columns layout to create inovative designs.
— NEW FEATURE: Magic container element that allows you to set custom css positions, dimensions and box shadow
— NEW FEATURE: Added new options for the button shortcode like custom text, background, border colors and hover
— NEW FEATURE: Added a new Visibility option for Visual composer element — XLarge desktop (device width higher than 1440px)
— NEW FEATURE: Added Vertical separator and Letter spacing options to Text column and Heading elements
— NEW FEATURE: Possibility to add links to Feature Item boxes.
— NEW FEATURE: Added Feature Item icon color option.
— NEW FEATURE: Added Visibility options to Gap shortcode
— NEW FEATURE: Added new button type with left boxed icon.
— NEW FEATURE: Added Color and Padding options to Icon shortcode
— NEW FEATURE: Added new option to display post meta inline in post page. Find it in Theme options — Blog — Meta Settings — Post meta style for single post page
— NEW FEATURE: Added new query offset option for Kleo Posts and Kleo Carousel shortcodes
— NEW FEATURE: Added Whatsapp and Linkedin sharing options
— NEW FEATURE: Sharing options now allows you to enable what platforms to use for sharing
— NEW FEATURE: Added new icons libraries to choose from, on shortcodes with icons selectors
— NEW FEATURE: Register popup with soft post to WP or BuddyPress registration endpoint ( without builtin validation or processing, but if the posted data is valid the forms will be submitted ).
— NEW FEATURE: Added shortcode for Kleo likes and social sharing.
— NEW FEATURE: Now you can turn off site-wide animations, for all devices or just for mobile devices.
— NEW FEATURE: Full width menu style option for header.
— NEW FEATURE: Add your custom color preset to Theme options styling. See more: http://seventhqueen.com/support/kleo/article/add-a-custom-color-preset-for-theme-options-styling
— NEW FEATURE: Possibility to add links to feature item boxes.
— NEW FEATURE: Added ability to disable Free badge in woocommerce(thanks @sharmstr).
— NEW FEATURE: Added new query offset option for Kleo News Focus, Kleo News Highlight, Kleo News Ticker
— NEW FEATURE: Added new icons libraries to choose from. Found on shortcodes with icons selectors
— NEW FEATURE: Added member type dropdown to the members grid, carousel and masonry shortcodes.

— IMPROVEMENT: Kleo Icon now supports text to the left/right side of the icon
— IMPROVEMENT: Moved Row text and background parameters to a Settings tab
— IMPROVEMENT: BuddyPress Cover ( native ) — live update cover on upload / delete
— IMPROVEMENT: Visual composer 4.9+ compatibility.
— IMPROVEMENT: KLEO now uses WooCommerce builtin breadcrumb but adapted to fit Kleo structure.
— IMPROVEMENT: Woocommerce 2.5 template updates.
— IMPROVEMENT: Bottom footer alignment to when content very small
— IMPROVEMENT: Fixed GeoDirectory menu items and added compatibility with GeoDirectory Multi Location addon.
— IMPROVEMENT: GeoDirectory breadcrumb.
— IMPROVEMENT: Added styling for search form in archive page.
— IMPROVEMENT: Trigger the reviews tab when clicking on the reviews starts link.
— IMPROVEMENT: Autoexpand widget Navigation menu — sub-menu item.
— Added KLEO 3.0 landing page slider to the importer
— Changed default row bottom border to None
— Fixed buttons not being clickable when added into a row with video background.
— Fixed kleo posts layout switcher not working when used in the same row with a galaxy particles element.
— Changed h5 to h4 in register sidebar titles to match the rest of the sites sidebar titles.
— Add login modal to bp activation page
— Fixed group members search returning all members: http://seventhqueen.com/support/forums/topic/member-search-in-group-not-working
— Enabled trackbacks/pingbacks in comments template.
— Fix for WordPress 4.4+ to force URLs in srcset attributes into HTTPS scheme when using https.
— Fixed pricing table default columns issue: http://seventhqueen.com/support/forums/topic/2-collum-pricing-tables-shows-like-3-columns
— Fixed Featured items without text overlapping
— Fixed GeoDirectory search bar shortcode/widget styling.
— Fixed archive and search listings to use the correct sq option for displaying meta or not.(thanks @sharmstr)
— Added login/lost password shortcode.
— Changed paddings on boxed layout to proper align
— Limit the BuddyPress activity type tabs ajax to happen only in the main container.
— Fixed Buddypress activity comment issue that was occuring in Firefox only
— Fixed portfolio filters missing subcategories. ( thanks Radu)
— Fix for BP Cover and WPML compatibility
— Fixed WPML language switcher dropdown on primary menu, mobile version.
— Fixed a bug with the generated font family from Theme options
— Flex 1px bug for safari + remove unusual padding for feature items.
— Small fix for specific_id in testimonial shortcode
— Fixed deprecated notice for Kleo tab
— Updated rtMedia templates
— rtMedia Load more button padding fix
— Extra check for showing «Change cover» buttons on member and group page
— Woocommerce product page compatibility with WordPress 4.4.
— Woocommerce single product page description fix.
— Small woocommerce fix for product hover animation — mobile view.
— Small WooCommerce RTL fixes.
— Fixed WC product loop link wrapper duplicate.
— Added stylings for woocommerce widget search box.
— Some small Sensei tweaks.
— Ajax search small fixes
— Fixed bbPress search widget
— Added 100% French translation — thanks to Laura
— Fixed the missing translations in the Theme options
— Fixed Missing argument 2 for kleo_check_single_post_title()
— Rtmedia audio controls fix
— Fixed multiple modal galleries on the same page.
— Changed pinterest share icon so that it opens in new window like the fb and other share icons do.(thanks @sharmstr)
— Removed background parallax on mobile devices
— Fixed parallax background image position on mobile browsers ( disabled the parallax effect ).
— Escape urls generated by the kleo search shortcode.
— Small fix for MailChimp
— Updated Theme options framework
— Visual composer 4.10 update
— Revslider 5.1.6 update
— GO Pricing tables updated to version 3.2.0
— Updated K-elements to 4.0
Version 3.9.1 — 17.02.2016
— Fixed Javascript error on Buddypress profile page related to cover image script

Version 3.9 — 15.02.2016
— NEW FEATURE: SideKick interactive WordPress tutorials integrations. You get a FREE premium SIDEKICK annual license (a $60 value) and 10 Kleo specific tutorials plus other 200 WordPress Basics Walkthroughs.
Version 3.1.3 — 26.11.2015
— Buddypress activity button display fix
— Fix for image gallery grid in VC Tabs
— Fixed kleo recent posts widget, added wpml compatibility
— TGMPA integrated plugin update to 2.5.2

Version 3.1.2 — 25.11.2015
— Added compatibility with BuddyPress 2.4 Cover Image
— Added some missing filters into woocommerce ajax header cart
— Updated import demo data for Home Product Landing Page
— Fixed a php notice in the vc_row_inner shortcode
— Search input group members fix
— Fix breadcrumb trail for hierarchical taxonomy terms
— Added breadcrumb taxonomy trail support for posts
— Fixed small typos
— Updated Revslider to 5.1.3

Version 3.1.1 — 10.11.2015
— IMPROVEMENT: Visual composer Row element: Allowed background color to be set when using background image
— Allow custom category display type at individual category level ( knowledge base listing style included — overrides the whole archive template )
— Updated Visual composer to 4.8.1 version
— Fixed a php notice in the recent posts widget
— Fix for single image elements that were growing out of their wrapping container
— Fixed Featured items box style that were not 100% width of the column
— Fixed am isolated Javascript error generated by Kleo page metaboxes and Visual composer

Version 3.1 — 30.10.2015
— NEW FEATURE: Two New HALLOWEEN Bonus Sliders. Demo: http://seventhqueen.com/themes/kleo/happy-halloween/

— NEW FEATURE: Added category/tag description support
— NEW FEATURE: Added Polish translation
— NEW FEATURE: Override Fontello icons with your own icons by adding the fontello downloaded package to kleo_child/assets
— NEW FEATURE: vc_inner_row new option to set an inner container
— Fix / enable wishlist button translations.
— Fix wishlist button positions
— Fixed custom sidebar that made widgets styling break.
— Fixed FB Login that was adding page headers globaly
— Restyled Feature Items (box-style only) shortcode.
— Fixed header size when set less than 50px
— Fix incorrect get_cfield post_id in the featured content post listing.
— Fixed header transparent when menu is not sticky.
— Fixed menu sub-items color set as transparent black menu.
— Reinitiate carousels when changing news focus element tabs.
— Updated Theme options Redux framework
— Small fix for listing posts
— Fixed RESUME demo page import file
— Fixed full image option for Single Image shortcode
— Fixed Mobile app demo page fixed import file

Version 3.0.10 – 06.10.2015
— NEW FEATURE: WPML plugin menu item now works directly from the plugin settings
— Removed some Paid membership Pro templates from the theme to use the default plugin ones
— Small fix for RevSlider when side-menu is active.
— Woocommerce wishlist fix on products listing pages
— Woocommerce table cart fix for mobile view. Not all of the text fields were visible when holding the mobile in portrait view.
— Added Romanian translation
— Added French translation. Many thanks to our comunity member @Julian
— Added Russian translation. Thanks to Алексей
— Updated Revolution slider plugin to
— Updated Visual composer to 4.7.4

Version 3.0.9 – 17.09.2015
– NEW FEATURE: WPML plugin menu item now works directly from the plugin settings
– Added French translation. Many thanks to our community member @Julian
– Fixed single image shortcode error when using old Visual composer version
– Small optimization when showing header dropdown menu
– Fixed Theme updater class notice.
– Most of Paid Membership Pro templates now are no longer overridden by the theme for better compatibility.
– Updated Visual composer to version
– Updated Revolution slider plugin to

Version 3.0.8 — 12.09.2015
— NEW FEATURE: Override Fontello icons with your own icons by adding the fontello downloaded package to kleo_child/assets
— Visual composer 4.7 compatibility. Added Design elements to all elements. vc_row background repeat and vc_single_image fixes
— BP Profile search 4.3.1 compat
— Visual composer 4.7 plugin updated
— Revolution slider 5.0.8 plugin updated
— TouchSwipe plugin update + carousel swipe fix
— Woocommerce single page image sizes fix
— Facebook login improvements
— Kleo posts layout switcher fix
— Options framework update
— VC Accordion default values fix
— Title section metabox notice fix.
— Fixed expired reset password key.
— Single Woocommerce product double h1 fix ( Please re-save theme options )

Version 3.0.7 — 22.08.2015

ATTENTION: When updating to Revolution slider 5.x you need to replace the News Magazine slider with the new one provided inside the Demo content/Revolution slider folder

— Updated Revslider plugin to
— Woocommerce 2.4 compatibility
— Visual composer 4.6.2 compatibility
— WordPress 4.3 compatibility
— BP Profile Search Multiselect Mobile Touch Fix
— Fix for double site url in edit link
— Bp Member Types Fixes
— Fixed polylang plugin conflicts
Version 3.0.6 — 02.08.2015
– Fixed the Ajax search(from the site menu and shortcode) that was not showing members
– Change the position of the “kleo_before_content” action so any content added there will render correctly

Version 3.0.5 — 01.08.2015
— NEW FEATURE: Added BuddyPress Member Types Tabs to show in Members Directory. Generate member types with https://wordpress.org/plugins/bp-member-type-generator/
— Visual composer 4.6.x compatibility
— Fix remember me on ajax login
— Fix portfolio filter not directly showing all items
— Small fix for woocommerce shop page header and bottom content
— Small rtMedia popup fixes
— Escaped an input query string inside the theme
— Updated language strings and included the .pot file
— Updated Visual Composer plugin to version 4.6.1
— Udpated Go Pricing plugin to version 3.0.3

Version 3.0.4 — 05.07.2015
— Added search order relevance to the ajax search from the menu and shortcode
— Tabs shortcode fix when titles constains Cyrillic characters
— Some theme update improvement logic to fix some isolated errors.

Version 3.0.3 — 24.06.2015
— Fixed Paid memberships Pro shortcode display issue

Version 3.0.2 — 23.06.2015
— GeoDirectory import data options in WP admin — Appearance — KLEO Demo Data
— Added an option to disable AJAX Theme options saving if you encounter problems. Just add to your child theme/functions.php this code: add_filter( ‘kleo_theme_options_ajax’, ‘__return_false’ );
— Fixed an issue with the pasted shortcodes in the Header contet and Bottom content that wasn’t interpreted correctly.
— Added small backward compat for users who havent upgraded to BP 2.3+
— Small social header fix for submenus going under the main menu
— Fixed active color profile tabs on Chrome browser
— Fix errors when previewing anything that uses iFrames in Wp Admin. thanks @sharmstr See: http://seventhqueen.com/support/forums/topic/errors-with-arforms-and-kleos-config-php-of-the-pmpro-plugin
— Custom page title adjustments
— Small search and cart dropdown fix when using Header with logo to right
— Woocommerce/BuddyPress fix to display all orders in profile.
— Woocommerce title in main section now can be hidden if that option is checked in the Shop page
— Updated Visual composer to version 4.5.3 for PrettyPhoto plugin vulnerability

Version 3.0.1 — 15.06.2015
— Fixed theme options issue on some hosting accounts with older php versions
— Performance improvement on fetching theme icons function.
— Fixed disabling meta for Blog posts that wasn’t applying
— RtMedia groups fix when using full group profile header setting from Theme options — Buddypress
— Small fix for buddypress message position
— Update Geo Pricing Tables to 3.0.1

Version 3.0 — 11.06.2015
— NEW FEATURE: Live Customizer for Styling options colors. Now you can easily preview the chosen colors
— NEW FEATURE: Google Material Colors presets for Header, Main, Alternate, Footer and Socket section. Check them out in Theme options — Styling options
— NEW FEATURE: Customize Post meta separator and put a custom one other than the defautl comma.
— NEW FEATURE: Easily install updates for theme bundled plugins like Visual Composer and Revolution Slider directly from your Admin dashboard.
Get notified after a theme update if you need to update plugins also.
— NEW FEATURE: Galaxy particles shortcode. Please update K-elements to version 3.0
— NEW FEATURE: BP Profile search fully compatible and new demo. Easily search members profiles by defined profile fields
— NEW FEATURE: Pricing table element. Easily add pricing tables using Visual composer interface
— NEW FEATURE: Included «Go — Responsive Pricing & Compare Tables for WP» plugin to create awesome pricing tables beside the theme pricing table shortcode
— NEW INTEGRATION: GeoDirectory plugin fully compatible
— NEW INTEGRATION: Sensei — eLearning plugin compatibility and a brand new demo
— NEW FEATURE: Added BuddyPress cover for Groups compatiblility.
— New Headings option added to Styling options so you can apply color to H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6 elements
— BuddyPress 2.3 new Avatar Upload functionality
— BuddyPress 2.3 Messages star functionality
— NEW FEATURE: KLEO NEWS HIGHLIGHT — Display list of articles by highlighting a number of specified posts. Selecting to show just some categories from the Visual composer interface will show the first category name as a label on the first post image. See it in action here: http://seventhqueen.com/themes/kleo/news-magazine
— NEW FEATURE: NEWS Ticker. Show posts in a fancy scrolling layout. See it in action here: http://seventhqueen.com/themes/kleo/news-magazine
— New Overlay style for posts carousel
— Added a new option to Single image shortcode to make it full width and stretch to fit the parent container
— Added a new option in Theme options — Header to have a stronger color for top social menu bar. Calculates top-bar bg color based on header bg-color to match «material color» style.
— Visual composer 4.5.x fully compatible
— RtMedia 3.8+ compatibility
— Woocommerce small fix to so that full image displays in product image lightbox.
— Added new Icons selector to all theme shortcodes so you can visualise the chosen icons
— Implemented Custom Login Redirect. Set it up from Theme options — Miscellaneous. From user voted requests http://seventhqueen.com/support/forums/topic/login-redirect-for-popup-2
— Added Portuguese-Brazil translation
— Added Korean translation language files — thanks to our community member @ahd904
— Microdata fix for Breadcrumbs
— Fix for overlapping backgrounds when using row in row element
— Small Row color inheritance fix
— Small header background fixes when is mobile and dark text menu in the same time.
— Fix for rtMedia activity carousel that wasn’t displaying correctly
— Small css fix for rtMedia media upload button for activity.
— Bug fix for template equal columns when # hyperlinks are used
— Fix for parallax issue coming from 2.4.3
— Updated some used plugins in the theme for the XSS Vulnerability Affecting Multiple WordPress Plugins
— Disabled hosted video preload for bandwith saving
— Extra check for notification refresh in case BuddyPress is not activated but you have the notifications menu added.
— Small fix for Woocommerce products effect on mobile devices
— Ajax login improvements and now redirect can be added with any plugin like Peter’s redirect.
— 4 new switches in Theme Options to control member, post, product and portfolio previous and next navigation. thanks @sharmstr
— Added some small descriptions to Theme options — Styling options
— Bugfix — http://themeforest.net/item/kleo-next-level-premium-wordpress-theme/6776630/comments?page=103&filter=all#comment_9996321
— Small fix for retina logo logic when no logo was set
— Facebook login improvements and now redirect on login can be added with any plugin like Peter’s redirect.
— Display header and bottom content in the blog archive page.
— Small fix for members isotope view on iphone devices.
— Fix Safari issue with Buddypress profile fields display
— New option for BP page title location to use the site default location.
— Updated BuddyPress «Everything» string from activity page so now it is translatable
— Fixed rtmedia activity video/audio elements not acting right sometimes
— Updated multiple sidebar class not to generate notices related to WP 4.2
— Updated Visual composer to 4.5.2
— Updated Revolution Slider to version 4.6.93


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— Visual Composer

— Revolution Slider

— GO Pricing tables

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